Feeling Festive

Look who has come to visit!

And check out the lovely presents they brought!

Keep an eye on the page to see what happens next for the gnomes and their treasure…


Working in such pretty colours today…Culture Hustle Pinkest Pink, soft blue, and a pretty vintage-style decoupage paper…for a commission.

Did you know that if you don’t see what you’d like in the shop you can contact me for a commission piece.

In this case I was asked for a heart in this colour palette, so I’ve made 3 quite different ones to let the customer choose her favourite.

Might have to keep the other 2 for myself!!!

Double-sided wooden hearts and stars…and a fish!

The stars are for a bunting set for a wee boy, of which more later!

Father’s Day Gifts and more…

I must admit I kinda lose track of when Father’s Day is since I lost my Dad quite a lot of years ago, so it being this Sunday rather slapped me in the face.

I’ve made some wee gifts, now available in the shop, but I have to say plant tags are not something my Dad would have thanked me for!

He was not a gardener, although my Mum chased him out there every Saturday. He didn’t mind so much in football season as he could be listening to the match on his radio and not be nagged!!!

What my Dad did enjoy was a good book and a wee dram, and in his latter years I sent him a bottle of single malt (in the day when you could post that kind of thing) cushioned by a Booker Prize-winning novel and a couple of bags of mini Mars Bars. The staff in his nursing home were amazed the whisky arrived intact, and he got to treat everyone to a wee dram on Father’s Day!


Autumn Advice

Autumn is here, and with it the need to hibernate, especially if you live in the North!
This weekend I’ll be working on my top tips to avoid S.A.D getting the best of you during the winter months, including some delicious soup recipes and my pick of the best Essential Oils to cheer & motivate.

St John’s Wort