Full Moon Special Reading


A card & Oracle reading using the energy of the Full Moon, for divination & guidance.


Full Moon Reading

Would you like to know what the future may hold? Are you pondering a decision & would like some guidance?

In this heart-centred intuitive reading we will use tarot and / or Angel cards together with a written Oracle guide. You will receive a copy of the Oracle question list before your session so you can choose which three questions you would like to ask in advance.

After an initial 3-card reading to tune in our energies, you will ask your 3 questions of the Oracle.

We’ll then use the cards to finish with another 3-card reading which you can use to ask a specific question, or choose to receive whatever message the cards wish you to hear.

Currently all sessions are held via Zoom video conferencing .

Price includes a pdf of your reading (emailed within 48 hours) and a recording of the session for you to refer to whenever you need.

Please book in here:  https://go.oncehub.com/FullMoonSpecial









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