Full Moon Special Reading (In Person Only)


A 30-minute card & Oracle reading using the energy of the Full Moon, for divination & guidance.


Full Moon Reading

Would you like to know what the future may hold? Are you pondering a decision & would like some guidance?

In this heart-centred intuitive reading we will use tarot and / or Angel cards together with a written Oracle guide. You will receive a copy of the Oracle question list before your session so you can choose which three questions you would like to ask in advance.

After an initial 3-card reading to tune in our energies, you will ask your 3 questions of the Oracle.

We’ll then use the cards to finish with another 3-card reading which you can use to ask a specific question, or choose to receive whatever message the cards wish you to hear.

This is an ‘IN PERSON’ option. Please only buy if you can attend the studio in Hopeman on the day.

Please Note: this price DOES NOT include a pdf of your reading or recording of the session.

You may record the session yourself (audio only) and photograph your reading(s)

Please book in here:  https://go.oncehub.com/FullMoonSpecial









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