Angel Reading – 3 Cards


A 3-card reading using Kyle Gray’s Angel decks to introduce you to your key Strength, Heart & Challenge traits as defined by your Angels.



3-Card Angel Reading

Do you know how you are viewed by the Angels?

In this heart-centred intuitive reading we will use a 3 cards to ask the Angels to show you your Strength, Heart & Challenge cards.

You will select 3 cards from one of Kyle Gray’s Angel decks to identify the 3 key traits that the Angels want you to know they recognise in you, to uplift and support you iwith whatever is happening in your life.

You can ask a specific question, or just choose to receive whatever message your Angels wish you to hear.

Currently all sessions are held via Zoom video conferencing .

Price includes a pdf of your Angel Card reading (emailed within 48 hours) and a recording of the session for you to refer to whenever you need.

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More about your Angel Guide:

Glorious Healing taps into your ability to heal yourself, and offers guidance to help you live your best, most glorious life.

Glorious Healing draws on the principles of energy healing, herbalism, nutrition, aromatherapy, crystals, astrology, numerology, colour therapy and magic to craft a unique healing experience for you.

What happens in a Glorious Healing session?

At the moment all Glorious Healing sessions are conducted via Zoom video conferencing.

We ask that you allow 90 minutes for your first session and 60 minutes for follow-up sessions.

Please make sure you are comfortable and in a relaxing space. You may want to lie down during the session.

When you book a session you will be asked to complete a Health & Wellbeing questionnaire (preferably one week before your appointment). This allows us to get an overview of what is happening for you, and to tap into our intuition about the most effective techniques to bring to your session. We may send you a little bit of homework to do before your session, or ask you to bring certain things with you.

The session begins with a chat about your form and anything which has happened since you completed it.

We’ll then use Accunect Connect to locate areas of imbalance that are causing disease, pain, emotional discomfort, and spiritual disconnection, and to bring awareness and healing to those imbalances.

After this we’ll go over anything which came up during the balancing, and how other modalities may help you moving forward. We’ll also check to see when we should book in another session.

Find out more about Accunect on the blog here:
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